ME020616 - PRB: Outlook fails when attempting to open a profile


When opening Microsoft Outlook an error appears. The error message is "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. The set of folders cannot be opened. The server is not available."


This error may occur if the primary Outlook account is not able to connect to the mail server via the IMAP protocol. It could happen under the following circumstances:

1. The server you are attempting to connect to refuses your credentials

2. The Outlook profile has corrupt or missing information (possibly resulting from running a beta version of the software when the profile was created)



To resolve the issue, you should ensure that you are running the latest version of the connector (particularly if you have been using a beta release of the software).

If this still fails, you should next go to the Windows Control Panel and open the "Mail" Control Panel applet. Select the "Show Profiles" button and attempt to open the configuration settings for the profile.

You should next verify that the IMAP account settings are correct, and save them. If you still are not able to connect, then you should either attempt to configure a fresh profile, or remove the account from your existing profile and re-add it again.

Version: 2.x
Module: General
Keywords: mapi, connector, fails, profile, Outlook
Class: PRB- Product Problem or Issue