ME020001 - HOWTO: How do I recover if my Outlook Environment becomes unstable or corrupt


Outlook may become unstable for the following reasons:

  • One or more extensions are conflicting or causing problems
  • The selected Outlook Profile has become corrupted or is damaged
  • The Outlook message store/service is corrupted
  • The Outlook Environment is corrupted
  • This can be resolved or diagnosed by disabling these extensions


The good news is that because the OpenProtocol connector replicates data to the messaging platform, any profile corruption or Outlook related issue can be recovered by simply recreating the profile or removing the account from the profile.

As such, the simplest solution is to follow the Microsoft recommendation outlined in the "more information" section of this article.

Alternatively, the issue can be diagnosed by disabling any Outlook Extensions or Add-ins listed under Outlook's Options menu.

The extensions can be re-enabled one at a time, to verify which extension is causing issues.


Please see Microsoft's Article:


Version: 2.x
Module: General
Keywords: Outlook, Recover, Corrupt, Profile, OpenProtocols, Outlook
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